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Bringing our A game to B Corp!

This month our business has become B Corp Certified

Date: 27 October 2023
Words: DART Architects

We are so proud that DART has joined a global community of companies who share a vision to bring about economic systems change. That might sound a bit grand, and whilst the accreditation process is a vigorous one, the concepts behind the movement are quite simple.

B Corps are companies that will always strive to meet the rising standards for social and environmental performance. In essence companies who are looking after people and planet and endeavouring to balance profit with a sound purpose and benefit for all. Think of Patagonia, Brew Dog or The Body shop as examples of well known B Corp companies. The accreditation is a legally binding commitment to be inclusive, accountable, and transparent in our business practices.

B Corp is a global non profit organisation which was established in 2006. It was created in the hope that by bringing together like-minded companies all over the globe and supporting them with a combination of standards, policies, tools and programmes, they could shift behaviours and bring about real change. By favouring interdependence over individualism, the B Corp movement hopes to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, support stronger communities, look after the environment and create high quality jobs with purpose.

At DART our certification is valued highly as it recognises the considerations, we have already taken to balance our design mission with a holistic ethos towards people and planet. With re-evaluation every 3 years we see it as just the beginning of a learning journey during in which we can shed the cloak of perfectionism and in turn redefine what it means to be a company which is socially and environmentally accountable in Cornwall today.